Science Communications

VodaSafe’s AquaEye Offers a Lifeline against Drowning

The handheld sonar device can locate people submerged in water or trapped under ice.
A rescue team in icy water uses the AquaEye scanner.


Fish Sounds

A press release draws public attention to new research about the noises that fish make.

Underwater photo of fish and coral.

Science Communications

Nyoka’s Bio-Based Glow Sticks Light a Path Away from Toxic Chemicals

The tech can replace the billions of glow sticks used annually in military, medical, safety, fishing, live events, and a host of other industries.
Paige Whitehead

Science Communications

Victoria-Based Axolotl Biosciences Is 3D-Printing Tissues that Mimic Human Stem Cells

The young company is leading a seismic shift in medical research and practice.
The Axolotl Biosciences team.


Boom + Batten Culinary Event

To position a new restaurant as a big player in the culinary scene I created an event that brought together chefs and suppliers with EAT Magazine as a partner.

Oct 28_EatTheFutureEvent-SaveTheDateAd-Oct 28

Science Communications

New Materials for Next-Gen Auto Parts

Creating a story around an abstract polymer discovery was a lot of fun. The article ran in The Times Colonist September 2021.
Robyn Quinn_Sept_21_Polymer research_Times Colonist.jpg

Science Communications

STEM Communications MA Thesis

I wanted to help bridge a gap and misunderstanding around Indigenous knowledge and Western science.



Wind Buoy Media Event

This media event drew all local media and was picked up by Canadian Press for national coverage.

UVIC_Buoy_cropped 2021