Fish Sounds


Creating excitement around the launch of the Fish Sounds website involved partners in Victoria and in Florida. I really appreciated your approach to outreach, preparations, and meetings. Your straightforward and collaborative nature was a real benefit to our communications objectives!
Kieran D. Cox, Ph.D.
Liber Ero and NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow
Earth to Oceans Research Group | Côté Lab
Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria

BC Assessment

Media & Presentation Training

Robyn has provided myself and our company with media training on a couple occasions as well as supportive refresher coaching before media launches. I feel she helped me develop the skills and think broader in terms of what to say in terms of the important key messages. Her experience in this field best prepared me for the interviews from big box media players to smaller independents. Thanks Robyn!
Maurice Primeau, RI
Deputy Assessor - Vancouver Island Region

Internal University Audience Success

Media & Presentation Training

I needed to speak to campus leaders, faculty, staff and students to inspire understanding and confidence. Robyn worked with me to fine tune my presentation, gave me insight into what I could do to make a powerful connection, and helped me focus on the audience needs. Your expertise was crucial to my success and I learned so much from working with you, Robyn, that I can take forward.
Susan Lewis
Associate Vice President Programming, University of Victoria

Communicating with Power

Auditor General BC - Training is Relevant and Valuable

Robyn delivered media training that was very helpful. The techniques discussed in the course helped improve how we communicate. The session was relevant and relaxed! I’d recommend the media training with Robyn, her advice was practical - real versus theoretical... appreciated her knowledge and expertise.
Jenn Gill
Manager - Training and Team Development

Global Attention for Geeky Girl and Her Lasers

Science Media Take Notice of Trich Analytics Founder

Robyn provided world class public relations planning and implementation to promote the launch of my company and my research being published in an international academic journal!
Jennie Christensen
Founder | CEO

Creating Connections 2019 for Women in STEM

Inspiring Communications

Your workshop at Creating Connections 5.0 conference really helped me with my LinkedIn profile. I thought you were very inspiring!
France Paquet-Nadeau
Graduate Student - Simon Fraser University

Better Communications: Media and Stakeholders DFO

Engaging Media Training

Valuable elements of effective communications. The training is valuable for wide audiences, not just staff expecting to be a media contact. Learning how to properly prepare for an interview was very helpful!
Senior Manager, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Uniformed Spokespeople

Frontline Media Training

Trainer is very knowledgeable in this field and provides detailed information and advice on effective interviews. The session was delivered in a very clear and concise manner while engaging students.
Border Officer
Canada Border Services Agency (BC)

Big Bang Analytics

Stakeholder Expertise in Action

Robyn and Katie from Big Bang Analytics went above and beyond in service delivery to both the Ministry team and the participating districts. School District participants feedback about Big Bang Analytics was overwhelmingly positive. BBA used Agile approach to development, took incredibly complex dataset, transforming into two well-received dashboards in under 12 weeks. I sincerely enjoyed working with Big Bang Analytics.
Chelsea Chalifour
Executive Director, Education Analytics Branch, Ministry of Education BC

Excellent Tutorial on LinkedIn

Social Media Profile Needed an Update

Robyn's insights into completing one's personal profile on LinkedIn were excellent and very helpful. I plan an extensive revamp of my profile based on her input!
Bree Sharratt, PhD
President and Lead Consultant, Sharratt Research and Consulting Inc.