Robyn Quinn speaking at a conference.

Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader

Helping organizers deliver a lively and memorable experience for event attendees.

Robyn Quinn is a popular speaker and trainer with a focus on personal branding for women in STEM, managing reputation in challenging times, building confidence for media interactions and building dynamic email newsletter programs.

Media Relations and Spokesperson Training

Our on-camera and scenario based training provides a strong foundation to build confident subject matter experts and corporate spokespeople.

The rationale includes maintaining reputation, celebrating success and increasing understanding of complex topics.

Participants waiting for the start of a media training event.
A woman leading a communications program audit.

Communications and Marketing Program Audit

When you hope to improve it’s best to have a clear starting point. Do you have success metrics in place? Is there a content strategy?

An audit establishes where you are, so you can identify how to get to where you want to be with strategic planning.

Strategic Communications Planning

Once you know your current state – we can work with you and your team to develop an achievable and realistic plan.

As a long time member and Fellow of the Canadian Public Relations Society Robyn Quinn is a trusted and respected strategic consultant who has created award winning plans.

A note with the words "What's the plan?"
A diverse group of people in a stakeholders meeting.

Stakeholder and Public Consultation

Public participation in decision making has never been more important. Major projects can be derailed indefinitely by underestimating the power of stakeholder wishes.

We are trained and experienced members of the International Association of Public Participation and deliver meaningful and strategic support to all types of initiatives.

Internal Communications

Today’s workforce expects clear and inspiring leadership – communications is at the heart of those efforts.

We have the experience to develop successful results for enterprise level operations,  mid-size companies, small businesses and start-ups.

A communications team meeting for coffee.
Participants having a discussion at an email marketing training session.

Email Marketing and Newsletters

Digital newsletters have become a powerful tool to reach self identified audiences. They want to hear from you.

Being a Constant Contact expert is an advantage for Big Bang and for you as a client. We offer email newsletter skills training as well as coaching new and existing email marketers.


Ready to tell your story? It can be overwhelming for business and government organizations with very different platforms and audience segments to consider. From compelling content on your digital platforms to engaging with audiences through events, media and influencers, we can help you tell your story.

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