Six Things I learned at Social Media Camp 2013 – not one s’mores recipe either

Six Things I learned at Social Media Camp 2013 – not one s’mores recipe either

Victoria’s Social Media Camp 2013

1.     Be authentic. We hear this a lot, maybe too much and you can see the eyes glazing over and the “yadda yadda” blaring inside the receivers brain. But, it is more true now than ever before. Content is king but as Mari Smith reminded everyone at the opening keynote of this years Victoria Social media Camp – engagement is Queen and she rules the house. What that boils down to is this – you need to connect with people not just broadcast to them

2.     Have fun with pictures. Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Google+ are all excellent visual platforms any – I repeat – any organization can put to use in reaching their circles. Even a non-visual business like bookkeeping can use creative campaigns to succeed. One of the hottest trends on Pinterest is superimposed inspirational message/quotes over a good image.Think of a quote about values that mean something to you – use it over a beautiful image, post.

3.     Build your personal brand with content muscle mass. If you are not afraid of producing relevant and meaningful content you are going to get Google search attention – new algorithms are raising the profile of authorship – a very good thing for creators.

4.     Infographics haven’t“jumped the shark” – they are incredibly effective at visualizing complex and sometimes confusing data. Overuse may have hurt them but as a tool infographics still work very well as part of a content strategy – just not as a stand alone tactic.

5.     Influence is not obvious – understand the dyadic relationships of your customers/donors/clients, listen and act on that conversation and you can deeply influence behavior. The people that can affect change are usually the people they work or engage with every day.

6.     Live an amazing life  – C.C. Chapman wrapped up an incredible learning and networking event for social media fans of all levels with a clear and compelling plea – love what you do.

 I was a first time SMCamper but it won’t be my last – over six hundred people created Canada’s best social media camp – and you can bet I’ll be back.

photo by: LlGC ~ NLW
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