Learning is evolution – don’t stop believing.

Learning is evolution – don’t stop believing.

I confess to being an education and professional development junkie. Nothing gets my heart pounding like a well written workshop description. And yes I know that sounds slightly sad but hear me out. As human beings we are evolving.  We aren’t standing still in the evolutionary dance hall, we’re dancing – fast and we are definitely not a finished project.

With that in mind I believe the process of learning has to be an interwoven part of our days – all of our days. Every single day. Maybe we have tricked ourselves into seeing formal starts and finishes to learning (graduation ceremonies from kindergarten to grad school) to keep things nice and tidy. The truth is that we are actually constantly in a very messy state of education. A state of becoming….something different or better than we were the day before.

So don’t buy the whole, congratulate me – I graduated, I’m done learning package. Keep reading, listening, following, unearthing, solving and celebrating every heart pounding moment – you are on a path to somewhere we’ve never been before. I can’t hardly wait.

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