Global Media Relations Creates Excitement for Science Venture

In November 2016 Dr. Jennie Christensen left Stantec (on very collegial terms) after a career of working in remote areas to assess environmental and population impacts.  She launched her own company, TrichAnalytics and started building a team. The focus was on providing a very niche service – analysis on the impacts on the environment, wildlife and human beings related to external factors. The service was simple and was backed up by her expertise and credibility in the field: environmental and toxicology scanning using samples of growing tissue (hair, fur, feathers, nails) with minimal intrusion. The opportunity to create awareness with potential funders and clients around the world came with confirmation that her academic research on the Franklin Expedition was scheduled to be published in the UK Journal of Archaeological Science in early December. Jennie approached Big Bang Communications – she realized that she could really leverage the media attention on this ill fated expedition but she needed PR help. With minimal budget I worked with the PR manager at Stantec, Ashley Warnock and Jennies’ co-author Dr Joyce McBeth to leverage this rare opportunity. In addition to having Stantec issue a primary media release we all pitched to journalists around the world, who knew and trusted us, to get the story picked up.

There was a glitch, there always is, and the news wire service in Canada carried a story with several inaccuracies around the research.  We persevered, maintained a high level of media engagement and were able to have our story lines take search precedence with media outlets like Der Speigel, Times-Colonist, CBC Radio International, The Smithsonian, Nature and Canadian Geographic posting images and articles representing the full story behind the remarkable science.

Once the final stories ran, TrichAnalytics had over a dozen major media stories with an estimated 542,000 views (based on host website analytics) and over 6ooo social media shares. Der Speigel, one of Europe’s preeminent weekly newspapers based in Germany, generated the highest readership numbers at over 200,000! Ultimately this media coverage supported an ideal launch for a niche science venture.

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