Dude…where’s my content?

Dude…where’s my content?

On December 11 I presented an afternoon workshop to the VIATeC (Vancouver Island Technology Council) Accelerator program.The first session was all about the importance of telling a story – your own story, your company story, a product story. You get the theme. But today anyone who has a story to tell has to include a strategic plan – content management and development is a big challenge. I compare it to the man-eating plany Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, content is being consumed at an alarming rate. Our appetite for content – especially good stuff – is getting so big we struggle to keep up and constantly hear the plaintiff cry content consumers, “Feed me Seymour!!!”.

This slide show was a joint presentation by myself and Richard Davies of Abebooks – a former UK journalist and PR pro who has created a very powerful blogging culture for his company.

Download, enjoy and please share your comments and feedback.


Dude Where’s my content…December 2012

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