National Science and Tech Week – BC and Yukon – making science fun

National Science and Technology Week
The power of collaboration in action. The goal of NSTW was to promote better public understanding of science and technology in BC. With the increased participation of groups such as Science World, Genome BC, Fisheries and Oceans; TRIUMF and the Penticton Engineering, Science, & Technology Symposium, we felt a multi-partner celebration of science and technology was a realistic ambition for 2008.

Our strategy was to create an “NSTW umbrella,” capitalizing on the work and efforts already in place to promote S&T in the region. More than a dozen communities across the Pacific region celebrated National Science and Technology Week at 29 events in 23 venues, directly touching over six thousand people. This was accomplished  with a total budget of just $8000!

As Co-Chair of the NSTW committee  I was thrilled to work with so many passionate professionals  who made it  a priority to get involved and help get kids engaged in the STEM subjects. All partners benefited from media relations support provided by BC Innovation Council (a provincial Crown agency) and CNW to distribute releases and post images.

The excellent feedback and  involvement were proof that science and technology can be a vibrant part of every community.