Building Personal Brand – Does it Support Your Future Self?

Personal brand prompt - whats your story

Building Personal Brand – Does it Support Your Future Self?

Hosting You as a Brand workshop at CCWESTT 2022 Halifax

Such a satisfying gig! Invited to present/engage attendees for the 2022 Canadian Coalition for Women in Engineering Science Trades and technology conference in Halifax on May 12. We covered a lot of ground in 3 hours and participant feedback confirmed that insights were collected, kindred spirits connected and new strategies were laid out for building a more compelling and useful personal brand. Especially true for LinkedIn, we all shared stories about how we could make better use of this great business platform. I provided all the attendees with head and shoulder shots as well (as long as they completed my very short evaluation survey!). I encourage everyone to make an honest assessment of their current “brand” – social media, LinkedIn profile and posts, anything published – and ask yourself this one question: Does my brand support my goals and aspirations?

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