Seven Content Development Tips

Seven Content Development Tips

Content is probably the biggest challenge for professional communicators – it reminds me of the giant man-eating plant in “The Little Shop of Horrors” – never satisfied and always needing more and more “Feed me Seymour!!!”

Well here are a few things you can do to help fill the belly of the content monster, just watch your fingers.

[accordion_set] [accordion title=”Aggregate” active=”no”] Post excerpts from mainstream media and blog posts that are really useful or helpful to your audience. Add links for full story. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Curate” active=”no”] Post links and stories with points to discuss or identify trends by grouping the posts together by topic. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Invite Guest Bloggers” active=”no”] Make sure you are already following those bloggers, have commented on their posts and know that they have something to offer. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Interview Interesting People” active=”no”] Look for inspiration or ask your readers – who should I interview? Check out local conferences to see speaker lineups. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Create – tell stories” active=”no”] Deep down we cannot resist a good tale that starts with “once upon a time…” think about best and worst case studies. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Review a conference or online seminar” active=”no”] Share the highlights and rate by usefulness or entertainment value. Invite others to rate and comment. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Recycle Creative” active=”no”] Finally – always leverage the content you develop – there are multiple ways to get value form that information. It’s all about recycling and repackaging useful content. Rework older articles or pull together a theme series of archived items. Use a video of a forum or presentation on the web. Post a speech on the blog. [/accordion] [/accordion_set]


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